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We offer tailored guidance and man power for every aspect of event safety, planning and management.

As a team of medical and rescue professionals, our event background comes from surf rescue, music festivals and sporting events. The primary aim of the Era Adventures event safety team is to ensure that your organisation not only complies with the current legislation but also follows industry standards for best practice, leaving you secure in the knowledge that safety matters.

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We offer:

Medical Cover

Registered Paramedics, Nurses, Charted Physiotherapist, Basic - Emergency Medical Technicians or First Aiders to cover your event. All cover can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Safety Officer

Event Safety Officer that will liaison with other organisations, councils and enforcement authorities. Provide full risk analysis with all relevant documentation and a comprehensive safety plan, which will mange every aspect of the event from the site construction, to the main event and the clearing of the site.

Specialist Cover

Specialist Marine cover services that included, Surf Lifeguarding, off shore safety boat, Jet Ski rescue and SCUBA diver Cover.

Era-adventures believes that planning and clear communication are essential in the smooth running of a successful event. All of the Era team are experienced at liaising with the fire safety, first aid, security, electrical contractors, site/stage construction and all event staff. We will provide a duty manager who is able to implement all tactical and strategic communication and planning objectives. Ensuring you have the necessary experienced professional advice on hand, therefore providing peace of mind.

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