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International Beach Lifeguard Courses & SCS&R Awards

International Beach Lifeguard Courses & SCS&R Awards

RLSS, SLSGB, SCS&R & ISA Surf Coach Courses

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Era Adventures beach lifeguard training school, situated at the International Surf Centre on Fistral Beach, Newquay, extends its services globally with a unique mobile training unit, making it one of the few in the UK capable of delivering lifeguard training anywhere in the world. Their experienced team offers a variety of internationally recognized lifeguard courses, ensuring comprehensive training that includes practical and theoretical aspects of lifeguarding and first aid.

The training at Era Adventures is intensive, encompassing running, swimming, rescuing, and handling emergencies, with courses designed to equip candidates with the necessary skills for a lifeguarding career. Participants will learn through a blend of physical drills and theoretical sessions, covering everything from basic life support to advanced rescue techniques, preparing them for various lifeguard certifications recognized worldwide.

RLSS Beach Lifeguard Course (NVBLQ)

6 days£350 per person

Location: Cornwall, UK & Worldwide

The RLSS beach lifeguard course is a slightly different award but is an essential qualification to work as a lifeguard on beaches here in the UK. It is also recognised in many countries abroad. The courses allow you to take on a job as a beach lifeguard and not only allow you to progress towards surf instructor status too (since it is a prerequisite to the course) but also provide a solid foundation of medical first aid to lead towards a career in the emergency services too.

On completing this award, you will be considered competent enough to be responsible for the safety of others at the beach and other open water locations whether inland or at coastal, surf, river and estuarial sites.

Similarly to the SLSGB lifeguard course, there are some basic competencies you will have to have in terms of fitness. You should expect to spend up to 5 hours a day in the water, so need to be a strong swimmer!

The training on this course is the same as the SLSGB NVBLQ qualification. It is made up of 5 core modules including lifeguarding theory, resuscitation techniques, pool work, classroom-based activities and work in the open water and runs over a 40-hour course.

Beyond skills and expertise that you would expect from an ILS Beach Lifeguard course including rescue skills, appropriate use and maintenance of equipment and beach safety operations procedures, you’ll also need to learn, adapt and improve on your own physical fitness, awareness, self-discipline, team working abilities and safe supervision of others.

Expect to cover in the syllabus of this course:

  • Lifeguard theory
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation including the use of defibrillators
  • First aid administration on-site and away from the water
  • Pool Skills & Timed swim 400m in under 8 minutes.
  • Surf rescue skills including sea rescues using a variety of equipment such as rescue boards and tubes.

To satisfy the requirements for receiving your award, an RLSS-qualified assessor will examine your knowledge and understanding of the essential principles for safe practises as a beach lifeguard. The qualification is valid for two years after receipt.

Likewise with any of our courses and qualifications, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details. We are always more than happy to answer any of your questions!

SLSGB Beach Lifeguard Course (NVBLQ)

6 days£400 per person

Location: Cornwall, UK & Worldwide

The SLSGB beach lifeguard course is the highest quality award available in the UK. Internationally recognised for beach lifeguards worldwide this award will allow you to progress to become a full NARS beach lifeguard either here in the UK or abroad. This is also the preferred qualification taken by RNLI lifeguards in the UK.

The qualification covers fitness, essential lifeguarding skills including rescue, life support and first aid both delivered in the classroom and out in the open water. You'll need to be a minimum of 16 years of age and once you qualify, the certificate is valid for 24 months.

Whilst the course we deliver may vary in timing the syllabus is pretty regimented to adhere to the highest of standards. You should expect to cover:

  • Fitness tests including swimming and running on the beach to time restraints
  • Swimming skills including surface dives
  • Unconscious rescues
  • Using rescue apparatus appropriately
  • Beach lifeguard signals
  • Simulating rescue situations
  • Rescuing both conscious, unconscious and non-breathing patients
  • Basic life support including CPR, recovery positions, opening airways and spinal management
  • Providing patient aftercare
  • Working individually and as a lifeguard leader

In order to progress through your training, you will have to pass the initial fitness and releases core part of the syllabus prior to moving on to the lifeguard skills, knowledge and rescue skills sections. At the end of the formal training, you will be expected to take a short assessment examination covering the above syllabus.

We did say the courses isn't for the fainthearted! If you have any doubts about your suitability, or are unsure about any aspects of the syllabus, just get in touch with us and well do our best to answer any of the questions you might have. We're sure we've heard them all before!

SLSGB SCS & SCS&R Surf Coach Safety & Rescue Course
(200m & 400m Timed Swim Version)

3 days£275 per person (SLSGB Membership not included)

Location: Cornwall, UK & Worldwide

The SLSGB (SCS) Surf Coach Safety and (SCS&R) Surf Coach Safety & Rescue award is a 3 day course aimed specifically at Surf, SUP and Outdoor activity instructors. It is aimed at training instructors of outdoor water based activities in all the skills required to provide the highest standard of surf lifesaving to all those that want a career in the sea teaching surfing or whatever else takes your fancy. 

This course will cover all the principles of Surf Lifesaving covering First aid, basic life support water rescue techniques using a variety of different rescue aids. You will spend a considerable time in the sea practising lifesaving scenarios and techniques. This in mind be aware you are going to need a high level of fitness to complete the training and assessments. You are required to pass a timed pool swim for this qualification which is either 200m in under 5mins for the Surf Coach Safety Award and 400m in under 8 minutes for the Surf Coach Safety & Rescue Award. This qualification is specific to those professionals looking to start or continue a career in the Surf or water based activity instructor industry and be able to provide the highest standard of surf lifesaving skills without the need for being a full Beach Lifeguard. 

If you are interested in this course or have any further questions please get in touch and we can help you picking which course best suits your needs. 

RLSS Beach Lifeguard Renewal Course (NVBLQ)

3 days£250 per person

Location: Cornwall, UK & Worldwide

To be taken within 2 years of assessment

For those who need to maintain their status with the RLSS, we offer a 3 day refresher course which can be undertaken within two years of your initial assessment. Just drop us a line to find out about the next course availability or look at our course dates for 2021 here.

Combined Course Packages

Location: Cornwall, UK & WorldwideFrom £600 per person

We offer three combined course packages that allow you to progress on with your career to become an internationally recognised surf instructor. The RLSS beach lifeguard or SLSGB Surf Coach Safety and Rescue award is a prerequisite to either of the surf coach awards, so combining the two is a great way to kick start a trajectory into a new career avenue.

RLSS Beach Lifeguard & ISA Surf Coach Level 1

£650 per person

SLSGB Surf Coach Safety and Rescue & ISA Surf Coach Level 1

£600 per person

RLSS Beach Lifeguard Renewal & ISA Surf Coach Level 2

£650 per person

Beach lifeguard qualifications we offer


In order to be a candidate on one of our courses, you must be over the age of 16.

In terms of fitness and swimming ability, you will need to be able to swim 400 metres in under seven minutes and thirty seconds for the SLSGB Lifeguard Award and eight minutes for the RLSS Lifeguard Qualification. If you are doing the SLSGB Surf coach safety and rescue award you will be required to have a good level of fitness but there will be no timed swim. 

RLSS & SLSGB Beach Lifeguard SCS&R & ISA Surf Coach Course Prices

  • RLSS (NVBLQ) 6 day intensive Beach Lifeguard Course - £350
  • RLSS 3 day renewal NVBLQ (Within 2 years of Assessment) - £250
  • SLSGB (NVBLQ) 6 day intensive Beach Lifeguard Course - £400
  • SLSGB (NVBLQ) 3 day Surf coach safety and rescue 200m & 400m version - £275 (*plus SLSGB membership)
  • ISA Level 1 Surf Coach Award 2 Day - £350
  • ISA Aquatic Rescue & Water Safety 2 Day - £250 (Overseas option only)
  • ISA Flat Water SUP Coach Award 2 Day - £350
  • ISA Level 2 Surf Coach Award 3 Day  - £450
  • Combined Course Package RLSS Beach Lifeguard & ISA Surf Coach Level 1 - £650
  • Combined Course Package SLSGB SCS & Rescue and ISA Surf Coach Level 1 - £600
  • Combined Course Package ISA Aquatic Rescue & Water Safety and ISA Level 1 - £600 (Overseas option only)

Student Discounts available call 01208 862 963 for details.

What Job opportunities are there after passing your Beach Lifeguard qualification?

Both International Beach Lifeguard Qualifications we offer not only give you the ticket you need to become an RNLI Beach lifeguard or validate the ISA Surf coach awards they also enable you to work in a wide range of water-based activities such Coasteering and Sit-on-top Kayaking and are the fundamental award to have for most Ocean based activity centres.

You can also gain employment and hone your skills as part of the water safety and Medical team for various water-based and land Events that are held throughout the season in Cornwall and the UK check out these websites for more info! http://www.eventwatersafety.org.uk/ and http://www.era-adventures.co.uk/event-safety-management

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For more details about either level of ISA surf instructor training courses we offer, have a look over our dedicated course pages. If you have any queries regarding the course dates or availability then please contact us on 01208 862 963 or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch with you as soon as possible. Student Discounts available.

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