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First Aid Courses

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Basic Life Support Course

2 Hours Course - £25 per person

This course is to equip the practioner with the Basic Life Support skills in order to preserve an adults life. It delivers the most up to date protocols for Adult resuscitation set by the UK resuscitation Council. The course is aimed at those in a medical profession to keep updated for their own practices to someone who is new to First Aid.


HSE Emergency First Aid At Work Course

1 Day Emergency First Aid At Work -  £100 Per person

This is a 6hr First Aid course that is the minimum HSE requirement for businesses that employ 5 people or more. The course is designed for the work place and deals with minor to major first aid incidents. The course delivers the most up to date resuscitation training and protocols regulated by the UK Resuscitation council. The course is certificated and valid for 3 years.

3 Day First Aid At Work -  £200 Per Person

(2 Day Refresher Available £150)

This Health & Safety Executive (HSE) First Aid at Work training course is aimed at employees of companies and organisations. It is essential that companies and organisations of a certain size have trained first aiders among their staff. The HSE First Aid course has been developed in conjunction with the HSE to provide employees with the first aid skills necessary to deal with a range of injuries and potentially life-threatening situations.

HSE Paediatric First Aid Courses

1 Day Course - £100 per person

The course is aimed at parents, Nurseries, primary schools and anyone who comes into contact or works with Infants and children as an attendance course. The course teacher’s vital skills on Infant and child resuscitation which is the most up to date UK Resuscitation councils guidelines. The course also focuses on common first aid incidents and medical conditions for Paediatric Emergency care. The course is certificated once attended the day and is valid for 3 years.

2 Day Course - £150 per person

This is a 12 hour course and is recommended by HSE as the mandatory requirement for persons working in childcare, Primary schools and nurseries. It focuses on basic life support for the Infant and Child, which are the up to date guide lines set by the UK Resuscitation Council. The course also goes into detail on the common medical conditions and illnesses that Paediatrics are prone to, along with all minor and major first aid topics that are covered. The course is delivered in a practical manner so that students get as much hands on practise as possible along with the theory content to back it up. This course is certificated after successful completion of a practical exam and is valid for 3 years.


(FREC) First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (RQF)

5 Day Course - £450 per person

The First Respose Emergency Care Course, (FREC), has been put together and designed as a step up from the First Responder Basic award. It has been put together for Rescue team members and people who provide medical cover for events etc in mind. The successful candidate will receive a certificate which will be valid for 3 years. A pre-requisite before enrolling is that the candidate holds a valid FAAW certificate or has at least 3 years First Aid experience. This award has a minimum age of participation set at 18 years old.

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