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Mountain Bike Guided Rides

Mountain Biking

Beginner to Intermediate Guided Ride Sessions

Half-Day Ride  £50 per person

Our guided rides and skills courses are designed for any ability whether you are coming into the sport for the first time or a hardened mountain biker who needs some help to push their ability further. Mountain biking is for the family, the couple or the group of friends, an experience that all can enjoy. Our packages cannot be beaten for quality, you will have a great hassle-free time, with quality equipment and a high standard guaranteed.

Have an adventurous day with our purpose-built mountain biking courses and trails in a variety of Cornish locations chosen for their stunning settings in our fine county! Experience our outstanding forests, rugged mining & quarry trails and witness what Cornwall has to offer with spectacular scenery on one of our mountain bike Cornwall sessions.

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Mountain Biking Trails

Beginner to Novice MTB Trails

If this is your first time taking to a mountain bike on a trail, we’ve got courses and trails in superb Cornish locations, designed to ease you in gently and help you gain the skills you need to keep up with your soon to be new found hobby. No matter your confidence on two wheels, you’ll be sure to have a great day out with this exhilarating sport. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been off-road before, as our instructors will keep the pace in line with your ability and confidence.

You’ll learn a bunch of techniques to help you progress onto more rugged trails. From using your gears effectively, taking corners, climbing, descending and small drop-off’s too.

These novice trails are great for families with younger children, couples who want to try something a bit different or groups of gung-ho teens alike!

Mountain Biking Trails

Advanced MTB Trails

Intermediate MTB trails

Our intermediate-level courses are specifically designed to push your boundaries and improve your skills on a mountain bike. We’ll progress you onto more technical terrains and enrich your skills. By the end of the session, you’ll feel even more confident and in control on tighter corners, larger gradient descents and when that large log or tree branch is in your pathway.

The techniques we’ll cover in the session all depend on the route and the day but expect to get to grips with bunny hops, unweighting, wheel lifts and much more!

So if you feel you’ve reached a bit of a plateau in your skills, or you’ve been off the bike for a bit and want to refresh your skills, this intermediate half-day mountain biking session is perfect for you.

The course takes place on some of our most rugged, rocky and technical terrain and will demand everything you and your MTB have got – perfect for serious riders. By the time you’ve finished this session, you’ll be able to take pretty much anything a mountain bike trail around the UK has to offer you.

Some of the teaching you’ll receive in this session includes stance and body positioning for optimum ascends and stability, techniques to improve speed, flow, balance and control plus a tonne of fun stuff including advanced bunny hops, wheel lifts, jumps and drops. Race face time!

Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain bikes we use

Like all cyclists, we’re pretty geeky and particular when it comes to our kit and choice of ride. All our mountain bikes on offer, whether for novices or advanced courses are Kona mountain bikes.

Kona has been championing free-riding, cyclo-cross and downhill mountain biking since the 1990’s. Which means, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their rides. We keep our bikes in tip-top condition too with regular servicing and maintenance so you’re guaranteed top performance from your ride when you take on one of our trails.

Mountain Biking Trails

Staying Safe Whilst Having Fun

A priority at Era Adventures is ensuring you stay safe whilst having an awesome time. We’ll provide you with a cycling helmet when you come to do a session to keep you safe on the trails. Plus, all of our mountain bike instructors are fully qualified CTC and SMBLA instructors with years of experience on these trails and others worldwide.

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Enticed you to join us on one of our trails through Cornish woodlands, hills and descents? No massive surprise. You can book your session easily by giving us a call or using our online contact form. We’ll be back in touch with you as soon as we can!

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Beginner Trails

Become a Mountain Bike Trail Leader

It's a test of your endurance, fitness, safety and performance. Why not check out our mountain bike trail leader course as part of our outdoor instructor programme?